Over 22% of laptops shipped last quarter were netbooks

The arrival of consumer ultraportable laptops did little to slow down the netbook boom last quarter. According to the latest numbers from DisplaySearch, netbooks accounted for an impressive 22.2% of worldwide portable PC shipments in Q2.

DisplaySearch says netbooks only accounted for 17.8% of shipments in the first quarter. That contradicts the firm's own May 13 report, in which "preliminary data" pinned that number at 19.5%. In any case, netbook shipments reportedly grew a cool 40% between the first and second quarters.

DisplaySearch's data also show most netbooks went to North America and the "Europe, Middle East, and Africa" region (which is just a tad too big and diverse to provoke any specific conclusions). The Greater China and Latin America markets accounted for fewer netbook shipments, but interestingly, they received more netbooks than proper laptops.

This quarter's report doesn't include vendor market share numbers. However, DisplaySearch comments that Asus "has been steadily losing share because Tier 1 brands like Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo and Toshiba have become increasingly aggressive in this segment." Asus was sitting in second place with a 15.3% share last quarter, according to the preliminary Q1 data.

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