DigiTimes: DirectX 11 Radeons due in October

Different rumor sites are echoing each other, and you know what that means. Last week, we saw reports from both VR-Zone and ATi-Forum that said AMD would launch two DirectX 11 Radeon graphics cards in September. Now, in a separate story, DigiTimes has echoed that time frame.

Just like VR-Zone, DigiTimes talks of Radeon HD 5850 and Radeon HD 5870 cards due to launch in "late September." Actual mass shipments, and thus subsequent availability, will follow in October. VR-Zone said in last week's report that both products will have 1GB of RAM and triple-monitor support, but neither source has revealed precise specs yet.

What about Nvidia? DigiTimes got its sources to talk about the schedule for that company's upcoming DirectX 11 GPU, as well. Word is that GT300 engineering samples will be ready at the end of September, while product shipments will begin "in December at the earliest." Nvidia may be a little late to the party, then, but it could still have a card ready for the all-important Christmas shopping rush.

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