Arrandale's graphics core may get Turbo Boost, too

We've been hearing a lot about the improved Turbo Boost functionality in 45nm Lynnfield and 32nm Clarkdale desktop processors lately. According to Fudzilla, though, 32nm Arrandale mobile parts won't use Turbo Boost only to clock up individual CPU cores.

Reportedly, Arrandale parts also be able to dynamically "overclock" its on-package graphics core, presumably when power constraints allow for it. Fudzilla talks of an upcoming Core i7 620M with two 2.66GHz processor cores capable of reaching 3.33GHz thanks to Turbo Boost. That same product will also have a 500MHz GPU core, which will be able to go "all the way to 766MHz."

The Core i7 620M will supposedly have a 35W power envelope, and it may be a dual-core part despite the name. (Arrandale and Clarkdale designs both have only two cores.) 35W might seem a little high considering the 32nm process, but remember: current mobile CPU thermal envelopes don't account for the integrated graphics.

Older reports suggest the Arrandale launch lineup will include two other 35W parts clocked at 2.4GHz and 2.53GHz. Intel should also release two low-voltage derivatives and two ultra-low-voltage ones. All seven models should be out in the first quarter of next year.

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