11.6'', 14'' Samsung CULV laptops coming soon

Samsung may make exotic laptops with Via processors or Ion chipsets, but it's also not afraid to tackle more conventional designs. With its upcoming X120 and X420 laptops, the Korean company will go head-to-head with consumer ultraportable offerings from the likes of Acer and Dell.

Dutch site Notebookspot has gotten the skinny on the two upcoming systems. The X120 will have an 11.6" display, an Intel Celeron 723 processor clocked at 1.2GHz, GMA X4500M graphics, a couple gigs of RAM, 250GB of mechanical storage, and Vista Home Premium. Notebookspot says this laptop will be just one inch thick and a slender 3 lbs. Pricing will supposedly be in the €550-610 range, so possibly around $600-670, if we make an educated guess based on the current relationship between European and U.S. prices.

The X420 will be a little more pedestrian, with a 14" display and a faster (albeit still single-core) 1.3GHz Pentium SU2700, three gigs of RAM, and the same graphics, storage, and operating system as its little brother. What this system may not have in originality, it could make up for in mobility. Notebookspot quotes a 3.75-lb weight, and it mentions a 5900 mAh battery with a purported nine-hour run time. Pricing should be €700-770, so maybe around $770-850 in the States.

One thing is missing from Notebookspot's report: launch time frames. Since these two notebooks will ship with Windows Vista, though, you can probably bet on them hitting stores a little while before Windows 7's October 22 release. (Thanks to Engadget for the link.)

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