JPR: Workstation market on the path to recovery

Could the worst of the recession be behind us? Stocks are painstakingly clawing back up, and Intel even raised its revenue forecast for this quarter. Jon Peddie Research has another optimistic piece of news, this time about the workstation market.

According to the research firm, the second quarter "showed some much-needed consistency in the market, adding more evidence that demand has bottomed and a recovery is in the offing." Workstation vendors shipped a total of around 602,100 systems worth $1.16 million in the second quarter, up from 576,700 shipments and $1.11 million in revenue in Q1. The fourth quarter of last year had seen 764,300 workstation shipments and $1.58 million in revenue.

Average selling prices actually rose by half a percent in Q2, as well, despite having fallen 7.1% the quarter before. JPR attributes the mostly flat growth to "stabilizing demand" and the launch of Intel's Xeon 5500-series processors.

On the graphics side of things, JPR says AMD's professional graphics lineup is "on its best footing in years." AMD witnessed its unit market share rising to 8.8% in the fourth quarter of last year and 12.1% in the first quarter of 2009. Last quarter, the company saw a further increase to 14.4%. JPR points out that Nvidia isn't exactly doing poorly, though; looking at discrete non-mobile cards only, the rival chipmaker's unit share actually rose from 87.6% to 89.4% between Q1 and Q2.

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