AT&T to enable iPhone MMS on September 15

Version 3.0 of the iPhone OS introduced multimedia messaging functionality way back in mid-June, but AT&T has been dragging its feet a little getting the feature enabled on its network. Now, AppleInsider writes that iPhone users in the U.S. will be able to MMS away to their hearts' contents starting on September 25.

Actually sending and receiving MMSes on that day will involve a little stopover at the iTunes app store, where users will need to download an iPhone software update. As AppleInsider points out, only the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S models will be able to take advantage of it; folks with first-gen iPhones will just have to keep e-mailing their photos and videos.

Why the delay? AppleInsider quotes an AT&T statement that explains in part, "We support more iPhone customers than any other carrier in the world so we took the time necessary to make sure our network is ready to handle what we expect will be a record volume of MMS traffic." The company adds that it appreciates customers' patience. Not everyone was all that patient, though—some actually filed class-action lawsuits against the carrier over the missing functionality.

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