Samsung plans OLED notebooks for late 2010

Displays based on organic LED (OLED) technology are creeping into bigger and bigger devices. A recent example is Microsoft's new Zune HD, which will hit stores on the 15th with a 3.3" OLED screen and an affordable $219.99 base price. That's affordable compared to the iPod touch, at least.

When can we expect full notebooks with OLED displays? According to TechRadar, Samsung believes the first such systems could creep into the market late next year. The site quotes Samsung's head of PC sales and marketing Kyu Uhm as saying, "Samsung is the largest OLED screen manufacturer. And as soon as it's available commercially for laptops we will adopt it." The executive added, "Probably sometime Q3 next year."

Samsung demonstrated an OLED notebook prototype back in May of last year. The system had a 12.1" 1280x768 display and a weird keyboard with a smooth, glossy surface. The company is sticking with conventional LCDs and LED backlighting in its existing notebook lineup, though.

According to TechRadar, research firm Gartner expects OLED displays will become "the norm" in laptops over "the next half-decade." Let's hope early designs don't suffer from the same problems as Sony's 11" XEL-1 OLED TV, whose sub-pixels could age prematurely at different rates depending on their color.

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