States to take on M$?

According to CNet, Redmond won't be in the clear if the Bush administration pursues the antitrust case lightly. Bush's assistant for economic affairs has been a critic of the Clinton administration's antitrust policy and it seemed likely that while the case wouldn't be dropped, a more lenient and earlier settlement with Bush in office was likely. However, it seems now that if the states are unsatisfied by the efforts of the administration they'll take matters into their own hands and go after Microsoft themselves.
"We hope and assume that the Bush administration would fully pursue the Microsoft case through all stages, including the Supreme Court, if that's necessary," said Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, leader of the 19 states that are co-plaintiffs in the case with the federal government. "However, if for some reason they don't, we have made a commitment to pursue this case to the end."
Welcome to another year of legal wrangling paid for by your tax dollars, enjoy.
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