Friday night topic: Don't point, honey

It happens to the best of us. Someone or something completely outrageous enters our field of view, and we have great trouble averting our gaze. Thanks to the two-way mirror of the Internet, not only can we share such phenomena and stare until our eyes pop out, but we can also document the less flattering side of the human condition for future generations to witness—and, hopefully, shake their heads at.

Our biz guy Adam Eiberger provided a link to one such chronicle in his blog post today: People of Walmart, which is exactly what it sounds like (and not entirely work safe, we should point out). Other such sites include This is why you're fat, which contains pages upon pages of health-destroying dishes, most with enough calories to keep a grown man fed for a week.

Surely, though, the web must be rife with other sites like the above and some of you must have at least one or two favorites. So, out with it! Share your catalogs of shameful human beings and their creations, if you will.

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