Saturday Shortbread


  1. OC3D Forums: Core i5 / i7 LGA 1156 listings posted
  2. Intel's Clarkdale listed at French e-tailer
  3. AMD K10 CPU-Z screenshot posted
  4. Fudzilla reports mobile Phenom II quad is June 2010
    and AMD's LIano Fusion is DirectX 11
  5. VR-Zone reports 7 Japanese chipmakers to challenge Intel, AMD
    and AMD 800 series chipsets launch schedule
    and AMD Evergreen DX11 cards - update
  6. Expreview reports Nvidia GeForce GT 240 to boast 96 steam processors
  7. Are open source cameras the way of the future?
  8. DailyTech reports Samsung plans 5 times increase in LED HDTV sales in 2010
  9. First hot ice computer created
  10. Optical 'quantum computer chip' performs first calculation
  11. MSI Wind12 U200 sweeps in
  12. Sharky Extreme comments on weekly CPU prices
  13. Motorola to sink or swim on Android phones
  14. Google's investors look for next big thing
  15. TorrentFreak reports The Pirate Bay appeal scheduled for November
  16. Adventures with Intel's solid-state drives - Episode 1 (video)
  17. Ars Technica reports Windows 7 sweepstakes debuts on Twitter (U.S. only)

  1. Microsoft: Cyber-crooks exploiting unpatched IIS bug
  2. Microsoft security advisory 975191 revised
  3. PC World on Windows XP: Finally on its way out?
  4. TG Daily reports Microsoft sued over Windows Genuine Advantage
    and Windows 7 may be fab but it's pure marketing bamboozle
  5. Slashdot reports Linux kernel 2.6.31 to speed up Linux desktop
  6. Fudzilla reports Snow Leopard OS X 10.6.1 details emerge
  7. The Register reports Apple security lags (again) with critical Java patches
  8. Phoronix posts GCC vs. LLVM-GCC benchmarks
  9. Slashdot report Mozilla to protect Flash users
  10. EU fears Oracle will kill MySQL, but is that even possible?
  11. InformationWeek on Google Chrome's first year
  12. Nvidia SLI profile update 2
  13. UX Evangelist on Windows Mobile 7: Already at Beta 1?
  14. Code-breaking quantum algorithm runs on a silicon chip
  15. CCleaner v2.23.999 released
  16. Skype released
  17. SeaMonkey 1.1.18 security release

  1. TechFlash reports Bungie packs 'em in at PAX
  2. Left 4 Dead 2 at PAX
  3. Shacknews: Left 4 Dead's preorder-only weapon explained
  4. Capcom working on unannounced "PC-lead" projects
  5. MechWarrior 5 trouble brewing?
  6. World of Warcraft instance capacity issue update
  7. Diablo II patch 1.13 update plans
  8. GameTrailers have BioShock 2 multiplayer debut trailer
  9. Shacknews on video games to be released next week
  10. FiringSquad reviews Wolfenstein (PC)
  11. Nielsen: Casual gamers play less, come back often
Systems and storage

  1. Gizmodo reports first OLED laptops could arrive next year and burn holes in wallets
  2. SilentPCReview on Asus Eee PC Seashell 1005HA
  3. TechSpot reviews Acer Aspire One 11.6" netbook
  4. XSReviews previews Asus P7P55D Deluxe
  5. PCShopTalk reviews Foxconn Blood Rage X58
  6. Björn3D's on solid state drive optimization & longevity
  7. ProClockers review 120GB OCZ Agility Series SSD
  8. Technic3D reviews Corsair X128 SSD (in German)
  9. reviews Thecus N5500 NAS
  10. Tweaknews reviews QNAP TS-219P NAS

  1. Tech ARP posts Nvidia GeForce to Quadro soft-mod guide rev. 4.1
  2. OCC reviews Asus GTX 285 Matrix
  3. Expreview on Galaxy 3D Vision Discover: A low-cost solution for impressive 3D effects
  4. Futurelooks reviews Samsung HMX-R10 HD camcorder
  5. OC3D reviews Asus Xonar HDAV 1.3 Slim
  6. TestFreaks review iMainGo 2 portable speaker
  7. PureOC reviews Mionix Saiph 3200 mouse & Alioth 400 mat
  8. MissingRemote reviews Logitech Harmony 700 remote control
Casing and cooling

  1. TechReviews UK on Thermaltake Element S case
  2. TweakTown's Patriot Convoy and Convoy XL 2.5" enclosure video review
  3. ThinkComputers reviews Luxa2 H1-Touch mobile device holder
  4. TestSeek Labs review Tacens Trio notebook cooler
  5. Hardware Secrets reviews Scythe Kabuto CPU cooler
  6. TweakTown reviews Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus
  7. Verdis Reviews on Cooler Master Hyper N520
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