Say goodbye to Foxconn-branded graphics cards

Remember when Foxconn introduced its very first branded graphics cards back in 2006? Well, almost exactly three years later, DigiTimes reports that the company has decided to throw in the towel. That means the end of Foxconn-branded graphics cards, although it presumably won't stop the Taiwanese manufacturing giant from making cards for third parties.

DigiTimes says the move comes as part of a general refocusing. Foxconn has reportedly moved "the majority of the 9,000 employees" from its Channel Services Division to its contract manufacturing division. Only 500 remain in the CSD, which continues to offer Foxconn-branded motherboards and, among other products, barebone nettops.

To give you an idea of how Foxconn's channel and contract manufacturing businesses compare, DigiTimes says the firm forecasts 6-7 million branded motherboard shipments this year. By contrast, its manufacturing division should see a whopping 30 million mobos roll out of the assembly line.

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