G3 / G4 PCI sandwich

Total Impact has managed to put as many as four G3 or G4 processors on one PCI card. Curious? Presenting the Total mPOWER:
The Total mPOWER is a PCI based multiprocessing solution for Intel compatible PC's and Apple Power Macintosh's. Solutions utilizing Total mPOWER range from a single board to a nearly limitless number of boards in a massively parallel system. Four PowerPC G3 (750) or G4 (7400) processors operating at 366 to 500MHz currently power each board. What distinguishes Total Impact is its ability to link multiple tightly-coupled PowerPC processors to a system via the PCI bus. The Total mPOWER gives the system designer the ability to scale solutions dynamically. On its own, or as part of a multi-board system, the board is a powerful engine for embedded applications including but not limited to imaging, telecommunications, raytracing, and transaction processing.

The mPOWER system allows applications to offload compute intensive tasks to the board(s). The mPOWER's processors take no part in the system scheduling thus allowing for maximum performance of the PowerPC processors. Depending on memory resources, up to 8 boards can simultaneously run having their entire memory mapped into the Linux OS memory space. More than 8 boards can run simultaneously, having part of their memory mapped into the Linux OS memory space.

My goodness.
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