Deal of the week: Lynnfield and cheap storage

This week's deal post wouldn't be complete without a mention of Intel's new Lynnfield processors, which became available on Tuesday morning and, as we found out, perform quite beautifully. The Core i5-750 deserves praise in particular: despite costing a mere $209.99 shipped at Newegg, it outperforms AMD's best overall and draws less power at idle than many dual-core CPUs.

Part of the bargain comes from the low prices of matching P55 motherboards. Those puppies start at just $94.99 shipped, and you can get a full-sized Asus board with CrossFire support and perks like external Serial ATA for just $134.99 shipped. Toss in a few gigs of DDR3 memory, and you can have yourself a nice little quad-core upgrade for less than $400.

Otherwise, Newegg is once again running a 10%-off sale (for maximum $10 off) on some hard drives. That means you can grab a 1TB Western Digital Caviar Green for $76.49 shipped instead of $84.99, for instance, or a faster 640GB Caviar Black for $67.49 shipped. Just enter "EMCHDD10B" in the promo code field on the checkout page. (Thanks to TR reader DancinJack for the heads-up.)

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