Sunday Shortbread


  1. The Register: Sun's Sparc server roadmap revealed
    and Linux server botnet pushes malware
  2. Engadget reports gScreen Spacebook caught on video working its dual-screen magic
    and Nokia puts Booklet 3G netbook up for pre-order... in Italy
    and Philips puts a touchpad on a mouse, laughs maniacally
  3. Salespeople love Samsung LCD TVs, according to report
  4. Gizmodo posts video: Amazing 18-foot wide super-HD multi-user multitouch display
  5. Hauppauge will sell CableCard tuners
  6. Engadget HD: Ceton is set to take over the CableCard PC tuner market and
    Panasonic including DivX Plus HD (MKV) support into next gen Blu-ray players, TVs
  7. Engadget stages Android battle: CLIQ edition (product comparison chart)
  8. Charlie Rose interviews Sprint Nextel's Dan Hesse
  9. Engadget HD podcast 154
  10. Win 1 of 3 Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme coolers from Overclocker Café
Software and gaming

  1. Microsoft: Windows 7 upgrade can take nearly a day
  2. DSLReports: Free Symantec upgrades
  3. Some kind words about DRM. For once.
  4. Bitmob's Q&A: Former Sega president on Dreamcast's failure, pranks against Sony, his ouster...
  5. Joystiq reports Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Mad Catz peripherals, accessories detailed
  6. [OC]ModShop p/reviews Batman: Arkham Asylum, Dante's Inferno,
    God of War III, StarCraft II, and Super Mario Bros. for Wii
  7. Top 10 80s computer games worth playing (again)
  8. Blade Runner meets CryEngine 2: PCGH posts amazing sci-fi images
  9. GamePaper: If reality shows starred video game characters

  1. Microsoft confirms 'chassis' concept for Windows Mobile 7, names Acer as WM7 OEM
  2. PC Perspective on AMD's Tigris and Congo mobile platforms
  3. TrustedReviews reports Acer unveils Ferrari One, AMD's Congo-based netbook
  4. Asus Eee PC modded for kitchen use
  5. GameBoy hard drive mod
  6. Techgage on Icy Dock hard drive accessories
  7. Engadget's Panasonic Full HD 3D experience eyes-on
  8. TestFreaks review Mionix Alioth 320 mouse pad
  9. Rbmods on TV & PC TrickleSavers
  10. Hardware Bistro reviews GMC X-22 case
  11. DragonSteelMods review Arctic Cooling Alpine 64 Pro CPU cooler
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