Zune HD will run fancy 3D games, too

The Zune HD might have more in common with the iPod touch than early announcements would have one believe. Last month, a hands-on video revealed the presence of an "Apps" menu in the Microsoft device's software. Now, Neowin has unearthed a promotional video that briefly shows the Zune HD running a 3D racing game.

The video has been taken down by the original source (BuyTV), but it's snuck its way onto YouTube:

Apple has been pushing the iPod touch as a gaming device quite aggressively in recent months. During the company's latest keynote, Phil Schiller compared the iPhone OS platform to Sony's PSP and Nintendo's DS, claiming considerably more games were available for it.

Microsoft might need to woo developers before being able to claim as big a software library, but the Zune HD has what it takes to run OpenGL ES 2.0 games thanks to its Nvidia Tegra system-on-a-chip. We may find out more once the device actually hits stores tomorrow.

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