Athlon Neo-powered MSI Wind U210 hits Newegg

Thanks to its Yukon and Congo platforms, AMD has been stretching its legs in the ultraportable and netbook markets lately. The latest example of AMD's newfound mobile popularity is the MSI Wind U210, which packs a 1.6GHz Athlon Neo and has become available at Newegg for a cool $429.99.

This netbook (or consumer ultraportable, depending on what you wanna call it) is a little bigger than normal, due in part to its 12.1" 1366x768 display. However, it weighs a respectable 3.2 lbs and still has pretty decent specs: Radeon X1250 integrated graphics, HDMI out, 2GB of RAM, a 250GB mechanical hard drive, 802.11n wireless, and a six-cell battery. MSI quotes a thickness of 1.2", which is right in line with the 12.1" Samsung NC20.

Software-wise, the Wind U210 comes pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Premium. Newegg doesn't say whether the system can get a free upgrade to Windows 7, though. MSI is participating in the upgrade program, but the U210 doesn't show up in its list of eligible systems.

Update: An MSI representative tells us the U210 will be eligible for the free upgrade.

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