Report: Intel plans to ship a million Lynnfields this year

How many mid-range quad-core processors can you ship in four months? According to "industry sources" quoted by DigiTimes, Intel has set an internal target for Lynnfield Core i5 and i7-800 processors shipments by the end of 2009: one million of 'em.

The processors came out on September 8, and prices currently start at around $200 for the Core i5-750. The most expensive model, the Core i7-870, retails for a cool $570.

Quoting the same industry sources, DigiTimes says Asus and Gigabyte should each ship 400,000 P55 motherboards for the new CPUs by the end of the year. Put together, shipments from smaller manufacturers like MSI, ECS, and ASRock "may total around 200,000 units."

For what it's worth, Asus motherboard marketing VP Joe Hsieh told DigiTimes that his company expects to ship six million motherboards next quarter. The site quotes him as saying P55 shipments should account for 10% of the yearly total (22 million), but that sounds like a misquote—unless Asus really intends to churn out two million P55 mobos by New Year's Day.

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