Bing breaks 10% market share

Slowly but surely, Microsoft's rebranded and revamped search engine is gaining momentum. CNet News quotes new Nielsen figures that show Bing commanded 10.7% of the U.S. search market in August.

Last time we looked, Bing had just broken the 8% threshold by StatCounter's estimate. That was in June, the month Bing debuted. CNet says Nielsen quotes 22.1% monthly growth between July and August, as well.

Bing now sits behind Yahoo, which clinched 16% of the search market in August, and Google, which grabbed almost two thirds (64.6%). Of course, Yahoo's proprietary search engine isn't long for this world. Yahoo agreed a few weeks ago to use Microsoft's engine for search, which should propel Bing into second position.

Adding Yahoo's and Bing's market shares, the two sites would have accounted for 26.7% of U.S. searches in August. That said, Bing's latest growth spurt seems to have come at the expense of both Comcast Search, which saw its share fall by 21.6%, and Yahoo, which suffered a smaller 4.2% decline. Google still grew almost three points between July and August.

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