Carmack and Bitboys?

Mention Glaze3D or Bitboys and you're sure to get a laugh. The Bitboys have been promising us revolutionary 3D graphics technology for years, but nothing seems to ever materialize. According to this article over at, Bitboys are working on XBA (Xtreme Bandwidth Architecture) and expect samples in late Q1 or early Q2 of this year. The PR engine has apparently been shut down, so thankfully, we won't be hearing any promises until there's actually something to show the public.

Ok, so it's not that exciting, but what did catch my eye was the following paragraph buried near the end of the article.

What separates an XBA-enabled chip from those on the market today? "[With current chips], gamers have to make constant compromises, [such as] lower resolutions and lower texture detail," Long says. An XBA-enabled chip will let players run their games with at a high resolution with at least 75-100 frames per second, he adds. "[id Software's John] Carmack has seen it. id is behind [XBA]."
Carmack's seen XBA? id is behind XBA? Now that's interesting—so interesting, in fact, that I just had to email id to see what was up. Seeing as the majority of us regard Bitboys as more of a joke than a graphics company, the fact that Carmack has seen product could lend the company some much needed legitimacy. Carmack's response was the following:
I have never had any contact with Bitboys, let alone seen their technology. I DO NOT ENDORSE THEM, and I am disturbed that they are saying that I do.

There is room in the abridged quote to have this be a misunderstanding, perhaps something along the lines of me endorsing some particular track of future technology which they implement.

John Carmack

There you have it, straight from the mouth of the man himself. Is Bitboys name dropping to create more hype? Was this just an honest misunderstanding? Either way, I'd like to thank id for their speedy response.
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