Could a 3.6GHz Phenom II be on the way?

The Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition has been out for barely over a month, yet already, we're hearing whispers about a faster successor. Citing no sources, Fudzilla asserts that AMD is cooking up a Phenom II X4 975.

Since the 965 runs at 3.4GHz, that name suggests a 3.6GHz clock speed. Fudzilla also predicts a 140W thermal envelope, the same as the 965's, although it says a future Deneb stepping might allow AMD to knock it down to 125W. Of course, even at that point, the processor would be competing with Intel's formidable 95W Lynnfields.

When can we expect this new specimen? "We don't know when AMD plans to launch this CPU, but it's almost certain that it comes in the first half of 2010," says Fudzilla. Sounds like AMD might have plenty of time to slash prices for existing Phenom IIs to account for the new Core i5-750. (The Phenom II X4 965 is still priced awfully high at $245.)

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