Wii may drop to $200 next Sunday

Next to the $250 vanilla Xbox 360 or $300 PlayStation 3, the $250 Nintendo Wii is starting to look like less and less of a bargain. Nintendo has managed to resist to the price-cut craze so far, but judging by the latest whispers from the rumor mill, the company will finally buckle in the very near future.

Last week, Kotaku posted leaked Toys "R" Us and Target fliers that both advertised a $199.99 Wii and explicitly mentioned a price cut. The same site now points to a report by Nintendojo, which claims the price drop will take effect on September 27. Nintendojo purportedly got the scoop during a "retailer conference call . . . where a Nintendojo staffer was in attendance."

If it does occur, the change will bring the Wii down to the same price as the Xbox 360 Arcade. (That console doesn't come with a hard drive, HDTV cable, headset, or network cable, and it doesn't run original Xbox games.) Once stocks of the vanilla Xbox 360 run out, folks seeking a better console will have to fork over an extra $100 for a 360 Elite or a PS3.

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