Tuesday Shortbread


  1. Sharky Extreme: What's coming up at IDF?
  2. C|Net reports EU dives into Intel antitrust specifications
  3. FCC outlines plan for network neutrality
  4. Republicans move to block FCC's network neutrality initiative
  5. Ars Technica reports ISPs react, sort of support network neutrality—with caveats
  6. C|Net reports wireless carriers say no to Net neutrality
  7. Dell to acquire Perot Systems for $3.9 billion, creating
    comprehensive customer-focused IT-solutions company
  8. TG Daily reports AMD launches indigenous server platform
  9. Fudzilla reports new desktop Atom dual is $63
  10. Alienware invades TGS: Will 'shake the gaming world to its foundation' (video)
  11. Engadget reports first USB 3.0 product gets certified, floodgates get closer to breaking
  12. Network World reports sticker shock over data-loss prevention products could be short-lived
  13. AMD HD 5850 and HD 5870 official prices (in French)
  14. Hardware-Infos: HD 5000 only seems to be better AF-quality
  15. SiS touch contoller gets Windows 7 Touch Logo certification
  16. VR-Zone reports Sony Ericsson MH907 headphones come with motion controls
  17. DailyTech's iPhone news roundup: Unlimited calling coming
    for $20 more, Apple investigates battery life complaints
  18. AT&T's upcoming Windows Mobile handsets: hp Obsidian, LG Monaco
  19. The Inquirer reports Asus shows a Skype video phone
  20. HTC evaluating Broadcom as additional 3.5G chipset supplier, sources say
  21. Google Docs: Published docs will be crawlable soon
  22. DOJ: Google book settlement needs major rewrite
  23. TechFlash reports Windows chief Steven Sinofsky is working on a book
  24. Dealzon's deals: $50 off Creative Fatal1ty gaming USB headset and all AT&T
    phones for $0.01 with new 2-year contracts (both deals are expiring soon)

  1. Linus Torvalds: 'Linux is bloated'
  2. DailyTech: With exploits on the way, it's critical
    Windows 7 testers run tool to safeguard their PCs
  3. Final Microsoft Security Essentials due in 'a few weeks'
  4. AnandTech: OS mobility explored
  5. C|Net reports Firefox gets an early taste of 3D Web standard
  6. MissingRemote's guide to installing Ffdshow software

  1. Joystiq reports Microsoft confirms Xbox 360 802.11n adapter
  2. Turbine: Console is superior MMO platform
  3. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising announced
  4. TG Daily reports Activision delays Blur release over multiplayer concerns
  5. Joystiq interviews Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer designer Todd Alderman
  6. MMORPG.com's World of Warcraft GDC interview: Everything from Cataclysm to 3.3
  7. Gamasutra reports World of Warcraft restarts commercial operation in China
  8. BioWare Boss Greg Zeschuk talks about story as reward
  9. Icrontic on getting StarCraft working on Windows 7: 3 easy steps
  10. Demigod v1.19 coming on Tuesday
  11. Steam news: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood update released and Aion is live
  12. Aion: NCsoft promises "at least one major update a year"
  13. Shacknews reports Empire: Total War getting Steam-exclusive DLC
  14. Tech ARP on 3D gaming advances in Windows 7
  15. Technic3D reviews Batman: Arkham Asylum (in German)
  16. Futurelooks previews Halo 3: ODST (Xbox 360)
  17. Gamepyre reviews Dissidia Final Fantasy (PSP)
  18. 12 year old boy gets highest score ever on Guitar Hero
  19. Joystiq reports Direct2Drive's anniversary sale continues with $5 RPGs and MMOs
Systems and storage

  1. Maximum PC reports AMD confirms hexa-core Thuban CPU
  2. The Register: Time for a change on the desktop?
  3. Network World: Are netbooks ready for the enterprise?
  4. Engadget reports MSI's longevous Wind U110 ECO available now for $400
  5. From Mac Portable to MacBook Pro: Ars Technica on 20 years of Apple laptops
  6. C|Net investigates Lynnfield's mysteries
  7. Björn3D reviews Gigabyte GA-P55-UD6
  8. OC3D reviews MSI P55-GD80
  9. Motherboards.org's Apple Mac Pro / 16GB Kingston RAM upgrade video
  10. Big Bruin reviews Seagate Barracuda XT 6Gbps SATA drive
  11. Guru3D reviews Silicon Power M10 external SSD

  1. Radeon HD 5870 benchmarks (in French)
  2. HotHardware reviews BFG Tech's GTX 295 H2OC: Water-cooled graphics
  3. Legit Reviews on XFX Radeon HD 4850 1GB
  4. ThinkComputers reviews ABS FX-7 Dolby virtual 7.1 gaming headset
  5. TweakPC reviews Razer Megalodon 7.1 surround headset (in German)
  6. Hi Tech Legion reviews Razer Mamba wired / wireless hybrid gaming mouse
  7. Overclocker Café and OverclockersHQ review Cooler Master Sentinel Advance gaming mouse
  8. Digital Trends reviews Logitech Performance Mouse MX
Power, casing, and cooling

  1. JonnyGuru reviews Cooler Master Silent Pro M1000 PSU
  2. PureOC reviews 850W AZZA Titan 80+ PSU
  3. [H]ard|OCP's 850W Thermaltake Toughpower XT PSU review update
  4. Benchmark Reviews on Antec Two Hundred case
  5. Motherboards.org reviews SilverStone SG05 case
  6. TWL reviews Lian Li PC-A06F case
  7. TestFreaks review Pong case for iPhone 3G / 3GS
  8. Hi Tech Legion reviews Xpad Slim laptop pad
  9. ProClockers review Cooler Master Choiix Air Through Stash laptop cooler
  10. Hardware Secrets reviews SilverStone NT06-E CPU cooler
  11. PCShopTalk reviews Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme CPU cooler
  12. OCC reviews Titan TTC-NK95TZ Entertainer
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