Working Sandy Bridge system demoed

Alongside its first 22-nm silicon, Intel has also demonstrated its next-gen, 32-nm Sandy Bridge architecture at today's Intel Developer Forum keynote. Intel Global Communications Manager Nick Knupffer tweeted the following after the demo:

#IDF09 Paul: Sandybridge 1st silicon is running compute intensive apps, gfx., runnin Win7 on the big screen.

In other words, Sandy Bridge samples are not only stable enough to load Windows, but also to run intensive applications—an impressive feat for a product that shouldn't be out for another year or so. At least, so dictates the cadence of Intel's tick-tock design rhythm, which sees new architectures and die shrinks succeed each other every year.

Sandy Bridge will be the next architectural step after Nehalem. It will introduce a new Advanced Vector Extension instruction set, and according to Intel's latest press release, the architecture will also feature an on-die graphics processor.

Westmere, Intel's first 32-nm design due to ship later this year, will also have a graphics core on the same package as the CPU. However, the two elements will reside on separate dice.

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