news radeon hd 5870 looks to be in short supply for now

Radeon HD 5870 looks to be in short supply for now

Releasing the fastest single graphics processor is an impressive feat, but it doesn’t do anyone much good without actual products on store shelves. AMD’s Radeon HD 5870 hit online listings this morning in conjunction with the launch.  A look across North American e-tailers suggests it’s not exactly flooding their stocks, though.

Looking through Newegg shows four Radeon HD 5870 variants from Asus, HIS, PowerColor, and Sapphire. All have the same list price, $380, but none are actually in stock. Similarly, searches at TigerDirect and ZipZoomFly dig up nothing but a handful of unavailable cards. Only NCIXUS breaks the mold, with one PowerColor card in stock for $387.10.

The situation seems a tad better north of the border, where NCIX has two cards ready to ship—the PowerColor and an XFX variant—for $450 CAD (around $420 USD). We’ll have to see whether the tight availability persists in the coming days. Newegg, for one, says it expects to have more cards in stock early next week.

Update: Newegg has just started carrying an XFX Radeon HD 5870. The card is selling for $380 and in stock right now.

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  1. why is it that there is always one dumbass comment per thread? do you even know what a paper launch is?

    paper launch = no product
    paper launch != to cards selling out due to demand…….

    lol I bet you consider the Wii a paper launch then, right?

  2. Thing is, most of us are the kind of patient bunch, we sit around for months listening to rumors and previews, so when launch actually comes we’re a little flabbergasted. And then poof they’re gone, but we’ll continue to wait until they’re available (hopefully at a price cut).

  3. The 5850 is coming next week, and the 5770/5750 should be coming in October sometime and replace the 4890/4870 at their current price points and actual competency respectively.

  4. I’m a greedy bastard. I just bought 3. 2 for me and one as a christmas/birthday gift for my brother. Yes..yes.. hate know you hate me.

    Nah, I’m just screwing with you guys. I’m going to probably skip the 58xx cards and upgrade when the 68xx cards come around.

  5. I need 1600 stream processors.

    In fact, I demand 1600 stream processors!

    Someone buy me a 5870, quick!

  6. #21 The lower spec 5*** series cards are due out before the end of the year, with Juniper class cards coming early next year I believe.
    5870 has been out one day and already lots of people around the tech/gaming forums have ordered or bought one.
    As I recall you couldn`t buy a GTX295 for weeks after its launch…..

  7. What did you expect? It’s the fastest single video card with dx11. It was bound to sell out in minutes with an affordable price.

  8. I’m more interested in midrange versions of the 5000 series. When will we see 5670 and 5770 variants? Not all of us need 1,600 stream processors. I’m curious as to how much ATI will up the ante this time in the midrange class again, the same way they did with 4670.

  9. I bought my HIS 5870 from Newegg shortly after midnight CST (after the lift of the NDA). About 5 minutes after I completed my order I went back to the product page to see if it included the Dirt 2 promo (it doesn’t) and the card was already out of stock. So yes, buying the card was possible, but each model sold out insanely quick. Ordered mine with next day shipping so tomorrow can’t come fast enough!

  10. Supposedly Dell got most of the 1st shipment of cards. The rumor mill is saying they’ll be in short supply until late Oct. or mid Nov.

  11. They’re trying to cash in on DirectX 11 and Windows 7.

    The problem is that the deal they struck allegedly curtailed an obscene amount of cards from retail. We get shafted while they sit on a mountain of 5800s.

  12. Just take a look at the new Alienware desktops on Dell’s site, 5870s a plenty including eyefinity combos. Methinks Dell is trying to cash in on the wealthier early adopters who simply buy a new system when an new GPU generation comes out. It makes sense Dell would negotiate to get a large appropriation of the first 5870 run given the money they make off of system purchases.

  13. paper launches FTL!

    Hopefully Nvidia will have a hard launch for GT300 but that will likely descend in paperous insanity as well.

  14. r[<:o(<]r No availability in the UK (on the 5-6 online etailers I checked) but at least sites aren't claiming to have non-existant stock. Prices seem reasonable; £200 for 5850 and £300 for 5870 but the 4000 series cards still look very nice at their lower price points (4770=£80 4850=£80 4870=£95 4890=£130).

  15. Its been less than one day since the release of the card. Give it at least a week before you guys start trying to worry about availability.

  16. AnandTech said that AMD was launching these in conjunction with Dell, who is getting a large portion of the somewhat-limited stock. He implies that TSMC’s yields aren’t as good as they should be, even though AMD is saying they’re happy with the foundry.

  17. Meh, they’re either selling out or haven’t all reached the stores yet, or yields are still low and AMD are making all they can – but even worse news for NVIDIA with their texas-sized die!

  18. So were there any actually in stock and they got bought instantly (by whom?) Did AMD have a big order from an OEM that got first priority? How, uh, paperous is this launch?