Purported Microsoft Pink phones look round, dull

Five months ago, we heard talk that Microsoft was secretly working with Verizon on a handset to rival the iPhone. The project, code-named Pink, was said to involve Zune-derived Microsoft software, a third-party handset maker, and Verizon.

Gizmodo now claims to have the scoop on the device, and it's not quite as exciting as you might think. Microsoft supposedly has two handsets in the works: Turtle, a small, rounded device with a slide-out keyboard, and Pure, a taller design with a larger display and a keyboard that slides out from the side. Both concepts look very round and somewhat uninspired.

Reportedly, Sharp will be tasked with manufacturing the phones. Gizmodo says Sharp's involvement may stem from its former partnership with mobile software firm Danger, which Microsoft acquired in February 2008. The phones might also "include Zune services" and feature an app store, the site adds—not a very outlandish rumor, since even the Zune HD will get third-party apps.

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