news purported microsoft pink phones look round dull

Purported Microsoft Pink phones look round, dull

Five months ago, we heard talk that Microsoft was secretly working with Verizon on a handset to rival the iPhone. The project, code-named Pink, was said to involve Zune-derived Microsoft software, a third-party handset maker, and Verizon.

Gizmodo now claims to have the scoop on the device, and it’s not quite as exciting as you might think. Microsoft supposedly has two handsets in the works: Turtle, a small, rounded device with a slide-out keyboard, and Pure, a taller design with a larger display and a keyboard that slides out from the side. Both concepts look very round and somewhat uninspired.

Reportedly, Sharp will be tasked with manufacturing the phones. Gizmodo says Sharp’s involvement may stem from its former partnership with mobile software firm Danger, which Microsoft acquired in February 2008. The phones might also "include Zune services" and feature an app store, the site adds—not a very outlandish rumor, since even the Zune HD will get third-party apps.

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  1. Or it could be that your company has a software package that works well with Win Mobile, and they’ve had to implement a hacky solution to get the iPhone to work and that solution doesn’t work particularly well.

    There is nothing more IT hates then having to support a wonky solution because some user insists on a shiny gadget. IT gets paid to make sure everything works and works correctly. If things don’t work, it’s on them not the idiot who who had to have the shiny toy even when IT said it wouldn’t work to anyone’s satisfaction.

    Basically, they have their reasons, and if you want to know just ask. Also, you’ll be putting stuff on their network, and the network is their home. Going into some else’s home and disregarding their wishes is a jerk move.

    Note: WiMo Phones do suck, but really all phones are crap, so that’s not really special.

  2. I wasn’t aware an SDK targeted any demographic other than developers. You must have meant something else?

  3. If they target the same demographic as the SDK, this is a long term move: get kids hooked on MS products when they’re young, and when they become older, they’ll still be invested in the product line.

  4. I might have missed in the original article, but after I’ve read about Sharp here, the design of these devices starts to make sense! They definitely look like something that could be made by Sharp, I swear..

  5. Get a keyring LED flashlight.

    #15, yeah, it’s a job that requires people stay on their toes, and I totally agree with them that they shouldn’t jump on new unproven technology (same goes for programmers and fad application frameworks). At some point they have to accept that some things fade away and new things rise, and it’s their job to keep the company competitive and allow the technology that will enable that. And Apple made it seamless, apart from maybe needing Exchange 2007 (an upgrade most IT shops would jump on given the excuse).

  6. We call that ‘job security’. It is much easier to justify your pay when it is spent ‘fixing’ things that are visibly broken than it is working on things that address an unknown potential shortcoming. …I’ve been working here too long. 🙁

  7. “they are loathe to learn anything new or change what they do. They are also not exactly young — some of these guys have been around a long time and I think they’re just tired of learning new things.”

    No offense but if your IT dept is that stuck in their ways that they cannot adapt to new technologies then they should seriously think about retirement or a career change. If anything a proper IT dept has to be quick, nimble and up to date. It’s because of the old farts stuck in their ways that we have crap like Code Red hitting every few years.

  8. Oh, I was almost excited there for a second. I thought all of Microsoft’s phones were going to be /[

  9. Well… I don’t think the IT people at my firm are fanboys, or if they are, i don’t think that’s their motivation in being anti-iPhone. I think their motivation is that they are trained on MS products, they had made an investment in win mobile phones and software, and they are loathe to learn anything new or change what they do. They are also not exactly young — some of these guys have been around a long time and I think they’re just tired of learning new things.

    I guess I’m imagining that it might be this way in other organizations, too. But maybe the company I work for is particularly bad in this regard (I guess I really don’t know).

  10. I know of a few IT services companies that buy macs as a standard issue to their techs. It isn’t that rare. Managing AD though as adi does would be a pain/require rdp’ing howeverg{<.<}g

  11. No flash = not interested. Seriously how hard is it to put a led flash on any phone with a camera? I often have to take pictures of data centers or of the insides of a server and send it to a co worker. Usually in low light situations. Any phone I get MUST have a flash. I cannot imagine I am the only person who needs/wants a flash on their phone.

    I was so looking forward to a “Zunephone” until now…

  12. iphones are typically driven by employees, not IT. IT doesn’t always have a say in what goes into their systemsg{<.<}g

  13. Thanks for the details but that doesn’t change what I said whatsoever. I’m pretty sure there are very very few if any companies who buy Macs for their IT staff.

  14. I already had bought the comptuer when i got the job and since i was more comfortable with it compared to a Win based Dell, i decided to use it instead.


  15. I’m enjoy minimalistic designs so I don’t mind the ‘Pure’ model.

    But man, the ‘Turtle’ looks dumb as hell.

  16. I work in IT at a small corporation (6,000 employees). We buy the big wigs Iphones or w/e they really want. Goodlinks makes syncing any smarthphone equally easy. Iphones sync really well with our exchange server, borderline flawless. It pains me to say it, but Apple really did a good job at a reasonable price. Microsoft will have to work a few miracles to dent the market. Innovation in the mainstream rarely requires innovative thought, it seems to benefit most from fluid execution of present or past innovation. See WoW, for example. Once the market and the general public buy into your product enough, all you have to do is be relatively competent and you can trounce the competition. Moving units appears to have more to do with psychology than technology. Though, that’s not to say the Iphone or other Apple products are lacking in the latter. It’s just a trend I’ve seen (I think?) over the last few years in just about every successful but questionably ‘innovative’ product out there.

  17. I’m an IT guys and i use a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.6 to do my job of managing over 250 Windows XP PCs.

    We also have a BES server and a bunch of berries as well as a bunch of WinMo phones and 2 iPhones.

    So what does this make me again ?!


  18. “it might be all the IT guys need to banish the iPhone”

    Not if the CEO or any other high up person has one. Too late for that.

    Also do you realise that you are effectively writing “Those guys hate apple because Apple released something good, effective and desirable, far better than the alternative that they want people to use, and because that showed them up, they would become passive aggressive” about the IT people? Which to me suggests that IT people are petty-minded people who really need to leave their fanboyism at home or on DailyTech before they get fired for working against the company’s interests.

    Anyway, if you follow the link, you’ll see these phones will not be hits in the corporate world!

  19. If they are targeted at business, then it might not matter that the hardware design is uninspired. A good strategy for MS is to give their advocates in IT departments a credible alternative to the iPhone. Those guys hate apple and are only reluctantly supporting iPhones because WiMo phones suck. But if MS can produce a phone that is “good enough”, it might be all the IT guys need to banish the iPhone. Right now, many users would rather pay for an iPhone themselves than use whatever crappy phone their employer would buy them. But Pink might be good enough for many employees to settle for it rather than using their personal phone. And then once people get used to settling for the MS product at work, many will eventually move to it for personal use in the interests of compatibility.

    As the guy says in the Mac/PC commercial, “call me when you’re ready to settle.” Pink might result in a lot of those calls.

  20. These are the ZunePhones? More like Zzzzzzzzooonfones.

    But it’s the software that is important in the long run. Clearly Microsoft are slowly building a new mobile UI API and “ZuneOS” as they go, to get the same level of UI and OS experience as the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    Also could these be Tegra based as well?