GlobalFoundries process schedule slips

While GlobalFoundries looks poised to become the world's second-biggest independent foundry, not everything is sunshine and kittens within the firm. As EE Times reports, GlobalFoundries has postponed the introduction of some process technologies, including one AMD will use for its next-gen microprocessors.

Last we heard, the foundry's roadmap called for its new 32-nm silicon-on-insulator process to reach "risk production," or early production, in the first quarter of next year. However, EE Times says that phase has been pushed back until the third quarter—a move that could cause AMD to fall behind Intel even more. AMD's own roadmap calls for the introduction of 32-nm processors some time in 2011, but Intel will have 32-nm processors on retail shelves early next year.

EE Times says GlobalFoundries has pushed back its 45- and 40-nm low-power bulk silicon processes by a quarter, as well. Risk production will now begin in the third quarter of next year.

On the upside, the foundry's 28-nm roadmap remains intact. Reportedly, GlobalFoundries' standard, high-k metal gate, 28-nm process will hit risk production in Q4 2010, and a low-power variant will follow in Q1 2011.

Update 09/25: GlobalFoundries spokesman Jason Gorss has sent us the following statement:

Our 32nm SOI technology development has not slipped off schedule. Our roadmap is on track and aligned with the needs of our customer, who has publicly indicated that they expect to begin initial sampling in 2010 and to be in volume production in early 2011.

"Our customer," in this case, would be AMD.

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