New, cheaper iMacs may launch as soon as next week

Intel introduced its first mobile Core i7 processors just a couple of days ago. Now, AppleInsider reports that Apple could unleash new, redesigned iMacs with lower price tags as early as next week.

The story does talk of dual-core processors, but the timing seems a little too close for mobile Core i7s not to make an appearance—if not in low-end models, at least in a higher-end one. Regardless, AppleInsider says the new all-in-one desktops were "finalized earlier in September and have been rolling off the Mac maker's Taiwanese product lines for roughly two weeks."

Still quoting anonymous sources, AppleInsider goes on to say the new iMacs will have thinner enclosures and "several features previously unavailable to Mac buyers." Those features might include Blu-ray, from which Apple has shied away so far, as well as audio enhancements.

The site's sources are apparently being a little cryptic about specifics, but the release schedule information sounds more straightforward. It's basically up to Apple's marketing department at this point, AppleInsider says, and you can expect an announcement any time in the next three weeks.

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