Gulftown CPUs to ship with tower-style heatsink

These days, stock Intel heatsinks can look a tad puny next to aftermarket solutions. Diminutive coolers with variable-speed fans might do a good enough job on power-efficient dual- and quad-core processors, but what about Intel's upcoming six-core Gulftown CPUs?

According to pictures snapped by, Intel definitely won't cheap out there. The chipmaker is readying a meaty-looking tower-style heatsink with four copper heat pipes, a large fan, and (as far as we can tell) a mounting mechanism that bolts through the motherboard—no push pins. adds that the heatsink will only mount onto LGA1366 sockets. Not so surprisingly considering the size of the fan, Intel claims the contraption will be "very quiet," too.

Gulftown will arrive next year, and it will be based on Intel's 32-nm Westmere design. The processor will work in LGA1366 motherboards with X58 chipsets, so it could be a drop-in replacement for folks with Core i7-900 systems.

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