The amazing thingamajig is coming..

Everybody's getting excited and linking to this story, about some kind of magical invention that's supposed to revolutionize the world. Thing is, we don't know what the invention is. We aren't supposed to find out until 2002, but a bunch of technology bigwigs, including Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos, have seen "it" in operation:
Doerr also says, a touch ominously, that he had been sure that he wouldn't see the development of anything in his lifetime as important as the World Wide Web -- until he saw IT. According to the proposal, another investor, Credit Suisse First Boston, expects Kamen's invention to make more money in its first year than any start-up in history, predicting Kamen will be worth more in five years than Bill Gates. Jobs told Kamen the invention would be as significant as the PC, the proposal says.
So the question is, what is this amazing thingamajig?

Based on the hints the story provides, it seems to me that it's some kind of personal transportation device¬ómaybe a jet-pack kind of thing. But maybe you all have some better guesses?

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