Report: Intel plans more dual-core CULV processors

Earlier this month, Asus introduced several UnLimited-series laptops based on a new consumer ultra-low-voltage processor from Intel: the Core 2 Duo SU7300. The processor runs at a similar speed as previous CULV offerings (1.3GHz), but it has two cores—an important distinction. As we saw in our subsequent review of the Asus UL30A, the extra core helps responsiveness and performance quite a bit.

There may be more where that came from. Quoting insiders at notebook manufacturers, DigiTimes now reports that the chipmaker has a whole slew of dual-core CULV processors on the way for next quarter. These new CPUs will apparently replace previous single-core offerings, too, possibly ushering a new wave of more powerful consumer ultraportables.

Reportedly, Core 2 Solo SU3000-series processors will make way for Core 2 Duo SU7000-series chips like the SU7300. The Pentium SU2700 will be replaced by Core 2 Duo SU4000-series CPUs, and Intel will roll out dual-core Celeron SU3000 processors at the low-end. Existing Celeron 700-series chips like the 723 will remain.

Intel's price list (PDF) shows the chipmaker already sells one dual-core CULV Celeron, the 1.2GHz SU2300, which is priced at $134. DigiTimes doesn't talk about this processor's fate, although perhaps the Celeron SU3000 mention was a typo and really referred to it. We'll probably find out for sure next quarter.

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