Apple re-hires Newton developer

If you paid attention to Apple products in the 90s, odds are you remember the Newton. Well, guess what? According to the New York Times, Apple has re-hired one of the "original developers" of the ill-fated personal digital assistant.

According to Tchao's LinkedIn profile, he spent six years at Apple, during four of which he managed product planning in the company's Personal Interactive Electronics business. After saying, er, ciao to the Mac maker in 1994, Tchao went on to work as a freelance marketing consultant. His latest job was General Manager of Nike's Techlab group.

Why bring him in at Apple? Tchao is reportedly re-joining the company as VP of Product Marketing, which could very well have something to do with that tablet we've been hearing so much about lately. In the coming months, Tchao could be tasked with "finding a market" for the rumored device, says the Times. The paper quotes an anonymous Apple staffer who commented, "He's got the scars and the great ideas [about tablet computing]." (Thanks to CrunchGear for the link.)

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