Wednesday Shortbread


  1. DigiTimes reports TSMC to see better-than-expected 4Q09
    and UMC focusing R&D on 28nm, 22nm processes
  2. U.S. ranks 9th in global PC infection report, according to PandaLabs
  3. Microsoft announces quarterly earnings release date
  4. C|Net reports Microsoft gets big patent verdict overturned
  5. hp may merge PC, print divisions: report
  6. Galaxy announces 24/7 tech support services for United States and Canada
  7. Ars Technica reports new Apple tablet rumor says it's more media, less
    computer and iMac, Mac mini stock running low, indicating refresh
  8. Fudzilla reports Athlon II 635 expected in Q4
  9. MSI P55-GD80 sets a new world record of 5.3GHz
  10. Melting memory chips in mass production
  11. TG Daily reports Nvidia kicks off 2009 GPU conference
  12. Fudzilla reports Nvidia to show DX 11 Fermi today
  13. Bright Side of News reports Nvidia GT300's Fermi
    revealed: 512 cores, up to 6GB GDDR5
  14. VR-Zone reports Galaxy GTX 260+ Razor Edition is the world's first single slot GTX 260+
  15. Gigabyte breaks 3DMark Vantage world recorde in graphics card overclocking competition
  16. 5 Zune HD features Apple should steal
  17. Ars Technica reports virtual composer makes beautiful music—and stirs controversy
  18. 'Terminator' rights may change hands again
  19. Dealzon's deals: $20 off 2TB Hitachi Deskstar, $535 off Garmin nüvi 850 GPS,
    $140 off Auria EQ2488F 24" LCD HDTV, and $531 off Samsung LN52B550
    52" LCD HDTV
Networking news

  1. U.S. may need as much as $350 billion to extend broadband
  2. Senators look to remove telco retroactive immunity for warrantless wiretaps
  3. Verizon: Metered broadband is coming
  4. iPhone actually hurting AT&T customer satisfaction
  5. Laptop rates the carriers: Customer service showdown

  1. TechCrunch's Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer interview: Chrome and Safari are rounding errors
  2. Ballmer: Windows 7 is a better Windows than any Windows
  3. Microsoft's message to IT pros: Meet us half way with Windows 7
  4. Finally, a Microsoft Windows version good enough for Intel
  5. InfoWorld reports Windows 7 may mean fewer bargain netbooks
  6. Microsoft Security Essentials released
  7. Ars Technica and TechReviewSource Microsoft Security Essentials
  8. SuperSite for Windows on Lenovo, Windows 7, and the new OS utilities
  9. Techgage on Ubuntu: Something for everyone
  10. The Register reports Palm Pre backs away from Apple iTunes
  11. AMD announces Open Physics Initiative designed to bring new
    levels of realism to gaming, simulations, popular applications
  12. Turning the tide: Ars Technica's hands-on look at Google Wave
  13. TechSpot on keeping a clean system without an antivirus
  14. Digital Trends has smartphone app stores compared
  15. Data Protection Manager 2010

  1. Shacknews reports Supreme Court considers hearing on violent video game legislation
  2. Gamer's facial experession cloning - Next big thing in gaming?
  3. Augmented Reality blurs the line between real and virtual
  4. GamesBeat reports OnLive raises big round from AT&T and others for on-demand gaming
  5. Xbox 360 offers bundles of fun at great values for the holidays
  6. PCGH on DirectX 11 - Tesellation in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: CoP, DiRT 2, Unigine, and AvP
  7. techPowerUp! reports Batman: Arkham Asylum enables AA only on Nvidia hardware on PCs
  8. Sony to unveil new PS3 game title in theaters
  9. Shacknews reports Star Wars: The Old Republic beta signups open
  10. Joystiq reports Infinity Ward has no plans for pre-launch Modern Warfare 2 demo
  11. Next Dead Space game in pre-production
  12. TWL covers Knight 4 Gamers event
  13. LAN party tips: How to organize an awesome LAN party
  14. NFS Shift gaming performance tested on 11 graphics cards (in French)
  15. SuperSite for Windows reviews Halo 3: ODST for Xbox 360
  16. Steam client and Left 4 Dead updates released
  17. Steam news: Save 50% on Left 4 Dead
Systems and storage

  1. Gizmodo reports leaked Courier video shows how we'll actually use it
  2. Ars Technica reports Microsoft Courier tablet rumored to run Windows 7, coming 2010
  3. TG Daily reports Dell Latitude Z charges wirelessly
  4. InsideHW reviews Asus F50Sv notebook
  5. Hardware Bistro's iiView A2 12" netbook preview
  6. XSReviews on Chillblast Fusion Switchblade system
  7. Hardware Secrets pits Core i5 vs. Phenom II X4
  8. PCStats reviews Athlon II X4 620
  9. Björn3D and XtremeComputing review MSI P55-GD65
  10. OCC reviews Asus P7P55D Deluxe
  11. ThinkComputers reviews 1TB LaCie hard disk by Neil Poulton
  12. HardwareZone on Intel's X25-M reloaded: Generation 2 cometh (updated)
  13. Benchmark Reviews on 60GB OCZ Agility EX SLC SSD

  1. AnandTech, FiringSquad, Guru3D, [H]ard|OCP,, HotHardware, Legit Reviews,
    PC Perspective, and TweakPC (in German) p/review AMD's Radeon HD 5850
  2. AnandTech on AMD HD 5870 scaling performance: X58 vs. P55 showdown
  3. TweakTown reviews Gigabyte Radeon HD 5870 in CrossFireX
  4. Legit Reviews has Lucid Hydra 200 details and interviews with AMD, Lucid & Nvidia
  5. TestSeek Labs review Hauppauge HD PVR media recorder
  6. LanOC Reviews on Kodak Zx1 HD video recorder
  7. Digital Trends reviews Optoma Pro250X digital projector
  8. Hardware Secrets reviews Kodak ESP-7 all-in-one printer
  9. DriverHeaven reviews Auzentech X-Fi Forte & Asus Xonar DS
  10. Digital Trends reviews Logitech Z523 speaker system and Sennheiser HD800 headphones
  11. OverclockersHQ reviews Verbatim Tune Board speaker keyboard
  12. TweakTown reviews Cooler Master Storm Sentinel Advance & CS-M FPS Tactics pad
  13. Digital Trends reviews Samsung Rogue SCH-U960
Power, case, and cooling

  1. PureOC reviews 1200W Topower Tiger PSU
  2. ProClockers review 750W Thermaltake EVO Blue PSU
  3. Hi Tech Legion reviews 750W Thermaltake Toughpower XT PSU
  4. DeXgo reviews LeChuck Benchtable (in German)
  5. Neoseeker reviews GMC X7 X Station case
  6. TestSeek Labs review be quiet! Silent Wings USC case fans
  7. CowcotLand reviews Zalman NC1500 notebook cooler (in French)
  8. Björn3D on lapping the CPU IHS
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