1. Website du jour: Ninehours
  2. Petition against CPRM@SysReview
  3. Asus POST-Controller info@X-bit labs
  4. Tech Extreme's visit to a Gateway Country Store
  5. LinuxLookup's TOTW: finding open files with lsof
  6. Pro Cooling on how to fix your Palm III display
  7. Tweakers Asylum news letter contest
  8. FiringSquad's sheep review
Processors & architecture

  1. Sharky Extreme's MS Xbox unclothed
  2. JC's PCNews'n'Links outlines Motorola G4+ architecture
  3. Signal Ground reviews Duron 750MHz
  4. BXBoards' introduction to DDR SDRAM
  5. 3D Spotlight reviews Mushkin High Performance Rev2 PC133 SDRAM

  1. Overclockers Online's VIA 4-in-1 driver comparison
  2. 2CPU reviews AOpen DX2G dual Xeon mobo
  3. Icrontic's Abit KT7 mod: adding a Blue Orb and removing the BIOS chip
  4. PC Scoop reviews Abit VP6 w/dual 1GHz Pentium IIIs
  5. AnandTech's integrated video chipset roundup
  6. New EPoX 8KTA3 BIOS: 8kt31104.bin (file)

  1. Tranzmit's demo: ActAsOne by WTSoftware
  2. TweakTown's Detonator 6.50+ Win9x overclocking
  3. Extreme Overclocking's GeForce 2 MX roundup
  4. Digit Life's AOpen AW754 sound card review, CD-R media roundup, and aspects of quality digital recording article
Cases and networking

  1. Gaming in 3D reviews IDE rounded cables
  2. Case mods gallery: TacoNuts' grand opening and GideonTech's latest additions
  3. Tweakmeister's primer on electronics for case modders
  4. Maximum3D reviews CNet CNSH-500 5-port 10/100Mbps switch
  5. Neoseeker reviews SMC Barricade 4-port Internet router
Peripherals & gaming

  1. Hypothermia interviews Blair Witch's Josh Galloway (game)
  2. littlewhitedog reviews Logitech optical wheel mouse
  3. Luxidion reviews MS SideWinder Force Feedback 2
  4. Game Basement's game pad jamboree (consoles)
  5. The Game Den reviews Homeworld Cataclysm
  6. Tweakers Asylum reviews Rune (game)
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