Patch restores PhysX for Radeon, GeForce tandems

Surprise, surprise. Last week, we wrote about how, after a recent driver change, Nvidia no longer allows a GeForce to work as dedicated PhysX accelerator if a non-Nvidia card is taking care of graphics. Well, that hasn't stopped a member of the NGOHQ forums from releasing an unofficial patch that purportedly removes the limitation.

The patch applies to Windows 7 systems with multi-vendor graphics configurations only, and you can find download links for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions in this forum post. The installation packages also contain read-me files with troubleshooting tips alongside these installation instructions:

1. Install the needed GeForce driver package. Do not reboot when asked.
2. Use the mod (x86/x64) to patch all needed driver files.
3. Reboot.

Seems straightforward enough, provided the patch really does what it's supposed to—we haven't tried it ourselves just yet. A handful of NGOHQ community members have reported success, however. A few others had trouble with the patch's graphical interface, which looks like a somewhat awkward homage to Valve's Portal. A "lite" version of the patch is available here, though.

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