Monday Shortbread


  1. AT&T and HTC debut HTC Tilt 2 and HTC Pure Windows phones
  2. T-Mobile USA kicks off corporate Wi-Fi push
  3. Skype: People want total control over mobile phone apps
  4. Another use for your phone: 'Augmented reality'
  5. Legit Reviews: Gogo in-flight Internet speed tested and used
  6. PC Perspective on the state of Nvidia: For better or for worse
  7. NordicHardware reports more next generation Radeon code names surfacing
  8. Zotac series from GeForce 8400 GS and up now with HDMI
  9. E-readers seen as holiday hit, presage tablet PCs
  10. Apple tablet won't be just an e-reader, argues analyst
  11. Xigmatek's Balder: HDT with mirror finish (in French)
  12. Dealzon's deals: $360 off Samsung PN50B650 50" plasma TV,
    $89 off LG BD370 network BD player, and $20 off 640GB
    WD My Book Essential

  1. Engadget reports Flash 10.1 announced for just about anything
    with a screen, webOS, and WinMo betas this year
  2. Windows 7 to come in 'Steve Ballmer' edition
  3. Engadget reports Windows 7 retail boxes hitting stores
  4. 'Free' Windows 7 upgrades not always free, says consumer group
  5. Microsoft battles class-action over WGA antipiracy technology
  6. Has Microsoft learned its lessons with Windows 7 stickers?
  7. Windows Vista peaks, starts decline in share as Windows 7 surges
  8. SuperSite for Windows has Windows 7 review part 9: Mobility and touch
  9. IBM aims at Google, Microsoft with LotusLive iNotes
  10. BmR on enhancing the Windows Media Center experience

  1. Shacknews posts Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 'Infamy' trailer
  2. Modern Warfare 2 now playing on Xbox 360
  3. Ars Technica reviews Dead Space: Extraction
  4. Stargate Worlds makes it television debut
  5. GamePyre reviews Darkest of Days (PC)
  6. 5 really fun open source video games

  1.'s ASRock P55 Deluxe review and Intel DP55KG video review
  2. InsideHW: 10 low-budget AMD motherboards
  3. TweakTown reviews 120GB Transcend Ultra Series SSD
  4. LanOC Reviews on Razer Moray+ ear buds
  5. Hardware Pacers review Microsoft Arc mouse
  6. OCC reviews Titan Skalli heatsink
  7. Overclocker Café reviews Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme cooler
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