Super Talent, Toshiba unveil 'co-branded' SSDs

Solid-state drives are still multiplying, it seems. Super Talent and Toshiba have now teamed up to bring us a series of four SSDs with high rated performance, data-protection features, and relatively reasonable prices (by SSD standards, at least).

These UltraDrive DX drives all feature Toshiba controllers and Toshiba multi-level-cell flash memory, which they combine with 128MB of cache and "sophisticated ECC and wear leveling algorithms for superior reliability and extended endurance."

Additionally, the drives support password protection (with an "encrypted password") and hardware data randomization, which "happens automatically with every write to the drive to prevent unauthorized copying of blocks of data."

Those features purportedly don't have a negative impact on performance. Good thing, too, because the UltraDrive DX SSDs sound pretty quick. Super Talent quotes top sequential speeds of 230MB/s for reads and 180MB/s for writes. Those numbers apply to the whole lineup, which includes 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB models with suggested retail prices of $219, $439, $719, and $1,649, respectively.

The drives carry two-year warranties, and they'll start trickling through to retailers and distributors "starting next week," Super Talent says.

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