New 950W Corsair PSU has 80 Plus Bronze certification

Not everybody feels like cramming their PC with as many graphics cards and hard drives as possible, but those who do had better start with a good power supply. Corsair looks to be targeting such balls-out configurations its new TX950W PSU, which has a 950W power rating, 80 Plus Bronze certification, and a pretty generous connector load-out.

This unit pipes an impressive 78A of current through a single 12V rail, and it comes with six 6+2-pin PCI Express power connectors, 12 Serial ATA connectors, and eight four-pin Molex connectors. The 80 Plus certification denotes 85% efficiency at a 50% load, although that'll drop to 82% at loads of 20% and 100%. Still not bad, though.

Thanks in part to this high efficiency, the TX950W purportedly keeps its 140-mm fan running at its lowest speed "until approximately 65% of the PSU's total load." Corsair also boasts about having qualified the unit for operation at full load with a 50°C ambient temperature, so the TX950W should feel right at home snuggled up next to a quad-core CPU and several high-end graphics cards running at full steam.

According to Corsair, the TX950W should be "available immediately" at both online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores. The unit comes with five years of warranty coverage, which is pretty much standard fare among high-end, high-efficiency enthusiast PSUs these days.

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