Microsoft shows off multi-touch mice

After having invaded our phones and notebook touchpads, multi-touch technology may soon make its way into our mice, too. During a tour of Microsoft's labs, the folks at CrunchGear got live demonstrations of several multi-touch mouse prototypes from Microsoft's Applied Sciences team.

The prototypes include a "cap" mouse whose entire front half is a multi-touch surface, another device with a transparent sheet of acrylic at the front and an infrared camera that captures finger movements under it, and a mechanical model with two articulated arms the user can control with their thumb and forefinger.

CrunchGear shot an HD video of the demo session, and has shared it on YouTube for all to enjoy:

Apple may also have a similar product in the works. AppleInsider recently reported that the upcoming, redesigned iMacs will ship with a new mouse with an "expanded touch sensitive housing" as well as a "multipoint touch detection mechanism" described in recent Apple patent filings. The new mouse will supposedly do away with the current Mighty Mouse's infamous scrolling ball.

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