Report: Foxconn to make tablets for Apple

Even Taiwan isn't immune to the swirl of rumors surrounding Apple's upcoming tablet device. DigiTimes now quotes anonymous "market sources" as saying Apple has picked Foxconn to manufacture the device, and 300,000-400,000 Mac tablets will ship after the launch in the first quarter.

DigiTimes echoes the 10.6" display size many blogs have mentioned, and it adds that Foxconn could use its subsidiary Innolux Display to make panels. Interestingly, the site goes on to say its sources expect Apple to focus on "e-book functionality" with the upcoming device.

That last nugget of information ties in with a recent Gizmodo report, which said Apple wanted to "redefine print" with the device and had already started negotiating content deals with newspapers, including the New York Times. The iTablet, it seems, could turn out to be the Kindle-killer many expect.

In any case, Apple may have to fight hard for its piece of the market. DigiTimes also says its sources believe other firms like HP will introduce "similar products" in the second quarter of next year.

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