Wednesday Shortbread


  1. Bright Side of News reports Jen-Hsun repeats the NV30 $1 salary reduction
  2. Fudzilla reports Radeon HD 5770 comes October 13th
  3. C|Net reports ATI and Nvidia face off - obliquely
  4. Microsoft considering making Zune services available to Apple users
  5. Ars Technica reports ARM takes aim at Intel, sends Cortex A9 to GlobalFoundries
  6. Intel: Xeon 5500 servers are "cash machines"
  7. DailyTech reports Gateway unveils One ZX Series all-in-one PCs
  8. Dell brings baseball, fashion designs to PCs
  9. Asus qualifies motherboards with the EuP Mark in support of sustainable environmental practices
  10. VR-Zone reports new Logitech mice can glide on glass and high-gloss surfaces
  11. Samsung presents the future of mobile WiMAX
  12. Single point of failure blamed for Verizion FiOS, DSL outage
  13. AT&T finally allows Skype over 3G
  14. AT&T allows Internet voice calls on Apple's iPhone
  15. TechFlash reports Bing adds voice search
  16. Google, authors asked to submit deal changes by November 9
  17. TechFlash reports Amazon lowers price of Kindle reader, takes it international
  18. Most common Hotmail passwords revealed
  19. The Open Road: Content is free. Formats are not.
  20. Dealzon's deals: $45 off 2TB Cavalry external drive and $40
    500GB Iomega ScreenPlay HD multimedia hard drive

  1. Antitrust: Commission market tests Microsoft's proposal to ensure consumer choice
    of web browsers; welcomes further improvements in field of interoperability
  2. SuperSite's Windows 7 review part 10: Bundled applications
  3. Upgrading your phone to Window Mobile 6.5
  4. Microsoft opens Windows Marketplace for Mobile with 246 apps
  5. KDE 4.3.2 available
  6. 2Manydownloads has EVGA Precision Tool 1.8.1
  7. bit-tech reports Nvidia working on CUDA-based anti-virus
  8. Network World reports malware flea market pays hackers to hijack PCs

  1. Sony software update crashes PS3, class says
  2. Activison "didn't want Modern Warfare"
  3. Xbox 360 dashboard update public beta (with Facebook) coming this month
  4. Guild Wars II interview
  5. FIFA launches soccer World Cup for virtual players
  6. CVG posts new Assassin's Creed II video: Weapons, Da Vinci
  7. FiringSquad on Batman: Arkham Asylum PhysX features and performance
  8. Commandos Ammo Pack comes to GOG
  9. EA launches 6 more titles on Steam

  1. MSI GT740: The ultimate in ground shaking performance
  2. AnandTech on MSI's X610: Supersizing the netbook?
  3. 5 simple changes to reduce hard drive failures
  4. Beyond3D's AMD Cypress GPU and architecture analysis
  5. lab501 on LGA 775 supercoolers - 23 coolers tested (in Romanian)
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