Kindle slips to $259, goes international

Apple may have a Kindle-killer in the works, but at this rate, the Mac maker will have a hard time catching up to Amazon's pricing. The second-generation, six-inch Kindle "wireless reading device" has gotten its second price cut in less than three months, falling to just $259.

The original Kindle launched in 2007 at a relatively onerous $399. Amazon started selling the second-gen version for $359 in February of this year, and it cut that unit's price to $299 in early July.

Today's new price cut comes together with the launch of Amazon's first-ever international Kindle, which is available for pre-order at $279 and will start shipping on October 19. This device will purportedly work in "over 100 countries," although from what we can tell, international customers will still need to order it from the U.S. website.

According to the Associated Press, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos credits increased demand and resulting economies of scale for the price cuts. While he hasn't revealed exactly how many Kindles his company is selling, he says Amazon sells 48 Kindle copies for every 100 physical copies of books available on the device. That ratio has gone up from 35:100 five months ago.

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