Firefox 3.6 beta to arrive next Tuesday

With Google, Apple, and Microsoft all trying to pull the rug from under Firefox's feet, Mozilla isn't resting on its laurels. According to Neowin, the organization will release the first beta of its next major Firefox release, numbered 3.6, early next week.

Neowin points to a schedule post on the mailing list, which calls for a code freeze on October 5, the beginning of quality-assurance testing today, and the release of the beta on the afternoon of October 13.

Firefox 3.6 will include performance and responsiveness improvements, a better multi-function address bar, better form auto-complete, and integration of the Personas add-on, which lets users dress up their browser window in much the same way as Google's recent Chrome themes.

Don't expect to see that revamped, Aero-style interface we've been hearing about in Firefox 3.6, however—as far as we're aware, the new UI will debut in version 3.7.

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