UPDATED: 1.5-lb Vaio X netbook may cost $1,300

If you've ever eaten a dessert with a real leaf of gold on it, this may be the netbook for you. We wrote about Sony's ultra-light, carbon-fiber Vaio X after last month's teaser announcement, but more details have now begun to trickle out.

The Vaio X will have an 11.1" display and weigh a scant 1.5 lbs. Quoting a Canadian source, Boy Genius Report now says the system will also feature solid-state storage, a multi-touch touchpad, Windows 7 Home Premium, and a choice of standard and "super-extended" batteries. The standard battery will last only 3.5 hours, but the alternative will supposedly get you up to 14 hours.

BGR doesn't reveal Sony's processor choice, but Engadget has filled in that blank, saying the Vaio X will pack a 2GHz Intel Atom Z550. Last month's prototypes had the same chip, but Sony suggested the final system could include something different.

Despite the somewhat souped-up netbook hardware, BGR goes on to say the Vaio X will cost a staggering $1,499 (presumably CAD) when it reaches Canadian stores next month. Folks in the U.S. could get the machine a little sooner for a little less, but that's still at least three times the price of a regular netbook.

Update: Engadget has nabbed a screenshot of a page that quotes a $1,299.99 (presumably U.S.) price tag. The page also quotes a few specifications: 2GB of RAM, a 128GB solid-state drive, and a built-in Verizon Wireless module.

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