Left 4 Dead 2 will have two new game modes

Valve has said it expects Left 4 Dead 2 to be its fastest-selling game ever, and it's certainly doing everything to generate hype for the title. Shacknews now reports that L4D2 will introduce two multiplayer modes not found in the first game: Scavenge and a "realism mode."

Reportedly, the first mode will blend together elements of the first Left 4 Dead's Survival and Versus game styles. (The former pits players against endless waves of zombies in a single map, while the latter stacks four "survivor" players against four "super-infected" ones who try to take them down as they progress through a campaign.) In Scavenge, human players will have to retrieve gas canisters while being mercilessly attacked by super-infected players and facing a countdown timer:

A total of 16 gas cans appear every round--the goal is to use as many of those cans as possible within the time limit. Each round kicks off with a ticking 120 second timer, and every gas can used adds another 20 seconds to the clock. . . . As the canisters are a limited commodity, survivors have to be careful that they don't shoot them or otherwise cause them to explode. And they'll also have to watch out for the other team too, as enemies can detonate the canisters at points.

Scavenge will be playable on span six maps designed specifically for that mode.

Zombie-killing aficionados will also be able to try the "realism mode." Valve hasn't revealed much about that mode, but it did suggest players more skilled than Valve's own internal testers should enjoy it. Perhaps that game style will simply ramp up difficulty in the main campaigns.

Left 4 Dead 2 is coming out on November 17 for the PC and Xbox 360. Folks who pre-order it on Steam right now get 10% off and will be able to use a special melee weapon, the baseball bat, in multiplayer games.

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