Bitboys correction has a correction up for an earlier story which stated that id software and John Carmack himself had a need for Bitboys' XBA technology and had seen it in action. Seems that read between some lines that weren't actually there.
Try as we may, we at don't always get the story right. And this was partly the case with our recent Bitboys story, where in a discussion with CEO Shane Long, we understood that id Software's John Carmack had seen a demo of Bitboys' "Xtreme Bandwidth Architecture."

After a friendly call from Long this morning (and yes, it was friendly, thankfully), we now know that Long merely read that id (and Carmack) have seen a need for more bandwidth and more fill rate. In no way did Long mean to tell us that Carmack or anyone at id saw a demo of its XBA. regrets the error.

Of course we spotted the error and got to the bottom of it rather quickly as something like id and Carmack endorsing the Bitboys is pretty much, well, impossible. Now you can all get back to slagging Bitboys for lack of product instead of name dropping.
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