The PS3 may have outsold other consoles last month

That price cut and the new PlayStation 3 Slim may have done wonders for Sony's popularity in the console market. TG Daily quotes an Electronic Entertainment Design and Research analyst who believes the PS3 to claimed the top spot in console unit sales last month.

Jesse Divnich, the analyst, also says all consoles except for the Sony PSP and Nintendo Wii saw yearly gains—a sign that the popularity of Nintendo's console could be waning. Then again, we'll have to see how October sales look, considering the Wii plunged to $200 late last month.

On the software side of things, TG Daily says Divnich predicts sales of all console games went up 16% between September 2008 and September 2009, reaching a total of $715 million. Cheaper consoles (Microsoft also slashed the Xbox 360's price in late August) as well as the release of "highly anticipated titles" contributed to the growth, the analyst claims, noting that game sales were down year-over-year for the previous seven months.

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