GeForce GT 220, G210 head to retail stores

Remember those low-end 40-nm GeForces we wrote about in July? Nvidia's website still classifies those graphics cards as "OEM products," but you can expect them to start popping up at retailers and e-tailers before too long. Gigabyte, for one, has announced retail-boxed versions of the GeForce GT 220 and GeForce G210, which both support DirectX 10.1 and have sub-$100 suggested retail prices.

Here's a full rundown of the specifications:

Model SPs Core clock Shader clock Mem. clock Memory Mem. bus
Gigabyte GeForce GT 220
48 720MHz 1566MHz 800MHz 1GB DDR3 128-bit
Gigabyte GeForce G210
16 650MHz 1547MHz 400MHz 512MB DDR2 64-bit

Compared to the OEM cards, Gigabyte has bumped up core clocks but dropped memory speeds (albeit only slightly in the case of the GT 220). Also, Gigabyte's GT 220 has a full-height circuit board with a much meatier cooler that includes an 80-mm fan.

Gigabyte tells us its GeForce GT 220 will set you back $79.99, while you can expect to nab the G210 for $44.99. If the specifications above weren't a strong enough hint, the prices are: these are low-end cards that definitely won't dazzle you with silky smooth frame rates at high resolutions. Still, the HDMI outputs and low power consumption (Nvidia rates the OEM-only GeForce G210 for just 30.5W) could make these new offerings good candidates for media-center PCs.

Knowing how retail GPU launches usually occur, other Nvidia partners likely have GeForce GT 220 and G210 cards heading to stores, as well.

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