Columbus Day Shortbread

Columbus Day

  1. TechFlash reports Microsoft says it had Sidekick data backup, but it was hit, too
  2. Fudzilla reports Nvidia partners discontinued GTX 285 and 275
    and AMD plans 3 next gen mobile chips
  3. TG Daily reports hp takes on Apple with music notebook and
    Larry Ellison endorses SPARC, criticizes IBM's Power architecture
  4. NordicHardware reports Intel presents Self Tuning processor
  5. Acer sees revenue up as tech demand returns
  6. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer interview (video)
  7. Bluetooth 3.0+HS-enabled devices to account for 61% of
    certified Bluetooth products in 2011, says Bluetooth SIG
  8. T-Mobile's rumored Project Dark: Handsets and rpaid network expansion?
  9. Engadget reports Yamaha's 1mm-thick prototype speaker
    is made from cloth, highly directional (video)
  10. Expreview reports Sony debuts 3D Full HD TVs at CEATEC 2009
  11. Are DVDs nearing the end?
  12. Illegal downloads 150x more profitable than legal sales
  13. 100 years of Big Content fearing technology—in its own words
  14. What's replacing P2P, BitTorrent as pirate hangouts?
  15. Dealzon's deals: $50 off 80GB Sony PS3 console, $120 off refurbished Vizio VX240M
    24" LCD TV, $30 off MSI U100-641US 10" netbook, and $11 off DJ Hero bundle
    with turntable (Xbox 360)

  1. Windows 7 launch trailer
  2. C|Net reports Microsoft wants multicore boost from Windows 7
  3. SuperSite's Windows 7 review part 11: Compatibility and reliability
  4. SSL still mostly misunderstood
  5. Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 Release Candidate
  6. IIS Media Services 3.0 64-bit and 32-bit with support for Windows 7

  1. Xbox 360 Facebook, Twitter out Nov. 17
  2. The Direct(2Drive) approach
  3. The Steamy issue of digital distribution
  4. Shacknews reports Sony Online talks PlanetSide Next: 'Battles on a scale no other FPS will touch'
  5. accounts offline on November 12th
  6. Kotaku: Last two Left 4 Dead campaigns leaked?
    and what makes a video game scary
  7. Shacknews posts Dante's Inferno trailer: 'Intense violence and rage'
  8. Diablo III interview part IV: Skills and stats
  9. Left 4 Dead update released on Steam
  10. Ars Technica reviews Uncharted 2
  11. THQ week on now on Steam - A different deal every day

  1. C|Net on Kohjinsha's doublewide laptop display
  2. Gizmodo's Dell Adamo XPS first look: So thin it could slice a MacBook Air in half
  3. AnandTech and GPU Café review Nvidia GeForce GT 220
  4. PC Perspective and TweakTown review Galaxy GeForce GT 220
  5. OCC and TweakTown review Palit GeForce GT 220 Sonic Edition
  6. DriverHeaven reviews Palit & Gainward GeForce GT 220
  7. Fudzilla reviews Gainward GT 220
  8. AnandTech on Gigabyte's GTX 260 Super Overclock: A GTX 275 on the cheap?
  9. Tweaknews reviews Aerocool Touch 2000 touch screen fan controller
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