Morning all.  You may have noticed that there are reviews of the Radeon HD 5770 and 5750 around the web this morning.  I've been hard at work on our review for the past week, but I just ran out of gas late last night and wasn't able to generate enough smart-alecky comments and stale pop-culture references to complete the review on time.  I'll try to get it out soon.  Sorry; the past six or seven weeks have been incredibly busy.

In the meantime, let me suggest that you go listen to our latest podcast episode, if you have the time.  I came back from Nvidia's GPU Technology Conference with some things to say about that company, its future, and the push for GPU computing, among other things, and just didn't have a free day to write it all up.  This week's podcast became the outlet for that info, and it's jam-packed with thought you and background you won't find anywhere else on TR.  Should be worth a listen, if you can handle the relaxed pace of the discussion (not enough caffeine for me, it seems).

Now, off to work on that review...

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